New Methods! Outsmarting Squirrels🌶🌶🐿️

New Methods! Outsmarting Squirrels🌶🌶🐿️
Thank you for your continued support and love for the Onlyfly bird feeder! We have been seeking more efficient methods to help you solve the squirrel issues encountered during bird feeding. Following our previous introduction of the flash feature and the use of bond meal, we have discovered a new strategy to deter squirrels—using chili pepper.


Introduction to the New Strategy:

Chili Repellent Method: Apply chili powder or chili oil to the wires and supports of your bird feeder. The pungent aroma of chili effectively deters squirrels while being completely harmless to birds. This method is straightforward and can significantly reduce squirrel interference.

Step One: Select Your Chili Material

  • Chili Powder: Opt for dry red chili powder, a common seasoning found on Amazon or at offline supermarkets, with a moderate spice level.
  • Chili Oil: You can choose commercially available chili oil or make your own. Homemade chili oil can be made by mixing chili powder with a vegetable oil (such as olive or canola oil) and heating it.

Step Two: Applying the Chili

  • Application Areas: Spread the chili powder or chili oil on the feeder’s supports, hooks, and wires near the feeder. Ensure even coverage, especially on surfaces that squirrels are likely to touch.
  • Precautions: When using chili powder or oil, wear gloves and avoid application on windy days to prevent the chili powder from blowing into your eyes or respiratory system.

Step Three: Maintenance and Reapplication

  • Check and Maintain: Check the coverage of the chili once a week, especially after rain, as the chili may wash away.
  • Reapplication: Reapply chili powder or chili oil as needed, generally at least once every two weeks, or immediately after any noticeable squirrel disturbance.


Adding a Squirrel Baffle:Consider adding a baffle if your bird feeder is hung on a railing or similar location. This baffle should cover the top of the bird feeder sufficiently to prevent squirrels from entering from above.

  • Installation Method: Ensure the baffle is large enough to cover the entire top of the feeder, leaving ample space for birds to freely enter and exit. The baffle material should be made of sturdy metal or durable plastic to prevent squirrels from chewing through it.

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    With these methods, not only can you repel squirrels using chili powder or oil, but you can also protect your bird feeder with physical barriers. This comprehensive protection strategy can significantly enhance your feeder’s resistance to disturbances, allowing you and your family to enjoy bird feeding more securely. We hope these new strategies prove helpful to you!


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