Outsmarting Squirrels🔪🐿️: Advanced Tips for a Peaceful Bird-Watching Experience

Outsmarting Squirrels🔪🐿️: Advanced Tips for a Peaceful Bird-Watching Experience

While enjoying the delights of backyard bird watching, squirrels can unintentionally become "troublemakers." Today, we introduce two effective strategies to help reduce these small animal disturbances, allowing you to enjoy your bird watching more peacefully. 


Solution One: Using Blood Meal and Bone Meal

These two natural materials not only serve as high-quality fertilizers for plants but also help deter squirrels🗡🐿️ 🐿️. They are simple to use and have a significant effect.

  • Blood Meal: Apply every 2 to 3 months, using 1 to 2 pounds per 100 square feet. Blood Meal not only increases the nitrogen content of the soil but also effectively deters squirrels and rabbits.🌲🌱
  • Bone Meal: Perform a soil test before applying to determine if it is suitable for your soil. Typically, use 3 cups per 100 square feet of soil.🌲🌱

You can purchase these products in various specifications at Amazon or local stores, but please perform a soil test before use to ensure these fertilizers are suitable for your garden. Contact us if you need further assistance.

Solution Two: Flash Burst Feature💥🌟

Our bird feeders are equipped with an advanced flash burst feature, which automatically activates upon sensing a squirrel approaching, emitting a brief and intense flash of light, sufficient to deter squirrels yet safe for birds.

The feeder has a built-in motion sensor that triggers the flash light when it detects an animal of a certain size, like a squirrel.

The intensity of the flash is enough to discomfort the squirrel but remains safe for birds.

 Maintenance Steps:

  •  Check the battery: Regularly check the feeder’s battery to ensure the device has enough power to operate.
  • Test the functionality: Regularly test the flash feature to confirm the light works properly and can trigger effectively. 

Ensure the feeder is placed out of reach of children and household pets to avoid accidental triggering and causing a fright.Handle with care during maintenance to avoid damaging the device.👶👶


User Experience Sharing

  • "Since using Blood Meal and Bone Meal, I've noticed a significant reduction in disturbances from squirrels and rabbits, and the area around the feeder is much tidier." — Feedback from customer Jane Smith.
  • "The flash burst feature is fantastic; squirrels rarely bother our feeding area now." — Customer Tom Johnson's review.

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