🌟 Special Offer: Enjoy Free AI Service with Your Onlyfly Bird Feeder Camera! 🌟

🌟 Special Offer: Enjoy Free AI Service with Your Onlyfly Bird Feeder Camera! 🌟

Bird enthusiasts, get ready to transform your bird-watching with our top-rated Best AI Bird Feeder Camera.

Our Onlyfly Bird Feeder Camera is not just any bird feeder—it's equipped with WiFi and smart features, making it one of the best smart bird feeder cameras available. For a limited time, enjoy a FREE 6-month AI service when you purchase our bird feeder and leave a positive review. This cutting-edge AI will help you identify the birds that visit, enhancing your experience with detailed bird feeder camera pictures.


Are You New to Smart Bird Watching?

If you're setting up your WiFi Bird Feeder Camera for the first time and need assistance, follow these simple steps:


  1. Connect your mobile device to the Onlyfly Smart Bird Feeder Camera.
  2. Access the settings by clicking on the settings icon.
  3. Navigate to 'NotificationSetting', enable 'Motion Detection Notification', and click 'Check now' in the Smart Push section.
  4. You'll be redirected to the 'VicoHome Awareness' page. There, select the 'Bird Fans Plan', choose your device.
  5. Click 'Get Awareness Services First', then input your redemption code.

The specific operation diagram is as follows:

These instructions will help you effortlessly set up your camera, which features solar power capabilities and anti-squirrel technology to ensure uninterrupted bird watching. 

Don't miss this chance to own the Best AI Bird Feeder Camera on the market. Purchase your Onlyfly Bird Feeder Camera now, submit a glowing review, and start enjoying our cutting-edge AI service at no extra cost! 

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Once set up, come and join our Onlyfly Imagin event.


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