How to Attract Diverse Birds to Your Garden: Bird Food Tips for Yard Trees

Hummingbirds feeder

Discover the joy of attracting a diverse range of birds to your garden with the Onlyfly Bird Feeder Camera, where you can not only watch these beautiful creatures up close but also capture stunning footage. Attracting more birds and observing various species feeding is every bird watcher's dream. We'll share some effective methods to draw different birds to your feeder. If you find these tips helpful, please share your joy in the comments below.

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For the Vibrant Cardinals

Cardinals are fond of various seeds and fruits. To attract these stunning red birds:

  • Seeds: Offer sunflower seeds and safflower seeds, which are among their favorites.
  • 🍎Fruits: Apples and berries can be cut into small pieces in the feeder we provide for a healthy snack.
  • Ensure the feeder is stable as cardinals prefer feeding on a firm base.

    For the Intelligent Blue Jays

    Blue jays are known for their love of a varied diet. To catch the eye of these blue beauties:

    • 🥜Nuts: Whole peanuts and acorns are perfect to pique their interest.
    • Seeds: Sunflower seeds, especially in shell, attract them.
    • 🌽Corn: While corn is a favorite, use it sparingly as it can attract squirrels and other unwanted wildlife.

    Place these in a platform feeder where blue jays can easily access them.

    For the Delicate Hummingbirds

    Our Onlyfly feeders are equipped with a special nectar feeder featuring a bright red lid, designed specifically to attract hummingbirds. To prepare the perfect dining spot for these tiny birds:

    • Nectar: Fill the feeder with homemade sugar water (one part white sugar to four parts water).
    • Placement: Ensure the feeder is hung where it can catch some sunlight to shimmer attractively, drawing these birds in.

    The red lid helps in attracting hummingbirds without the need for harmful dyes in the nectar.

    bird feeder

    General Tips

    • Regularly clean the feeders to ensure the health and safety of the visiting birds.
    • Consider placing feeders where it's easy for birds to stop and adjust the Onlyfly camera for a pleasing live view.

    Experience the beauty of nature up close with the Onlyfly Bird Feeder Camera. Visit our website to learn more about how our bird feeder camera can enhance your bird watching experience and help you connect more deeply with the natural world.

    Happy Bird Watching!


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