Unlock Advanced Bird Watching with AI: How to Access and Use AI Features

Unlock Advanced Bird Watching with AI: How to Access and Use AI Features

Bird watching has never been more exciting! With the latest AI features in our bird feeder software, you can now identify and learn about various bird species with just a click. Wondering how to access these fantastic features? Here’s a simple guide on how to get started.

Getting Started with AI Features

  • 1. Register on Our Official Website

First things first, head over to our official website. Visit our registration page and fill in your details.After registering, please send us an email at [📫support@onlyflydirect.com].Tell us about your registration and usage process.

  • 2.Engage in Bird Photography Events

Join us for bird photography to gain deeper insights and share the process of expanding your use of the onlyfly bird feeder camera. Share bird photos and vlogs to our email [📫support@onlyflydirect.com]. By actively participating, we'll reach out to you and you'll qualify for an additional 6 months of AI features at no additional cost. These events are designed to enhance your bird-watching skills and to foster a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

Explore AI Features:

Bird Identification: Our AI can recognize over 10,000 bird species. Simply point your camera at the visiting birds, and the AI will identify them in real-time.
Squirrel Detection: Activate the siren and spotlight functions through the app to deter squirrels from your feeder.
Educational Insights: Learn about the scientific names, origins, and habits of the birds visiting your feeder through the app’s educational resources.


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